Issue 8: Dreams & Beaches

"I wouldn’t know myself the way I know myself now."

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Houston-based artist Neva Mikulicz creates drawings executed in pencil on paper in a hyperrealistic style made up of tens of thousands of tiny hard graphite marks.

Like a lot of people, I’ve been having wild dreams lately. There is some science and psychology behind it, and a whole body of literature has popped up these past few months to explain why it’s happening.

A few weeks ago I had successive dreams about the two worst jobs I’ve ever had. One was a journalism job. The other was at a bar. That these dreams came in succession was ironic because a few days later I started a new job, as associate editor at Eater Houston and Dallas, where I’m doing journalism about bars (and restaurants and other aspects of the service industry).

One of my first stories was about the unique challenges food halls face as they try to resume service. I feel energized by the nuanced conversations I’m having about the economy, the virus and the ways all of us are trying to cope.

So far I love it, and it feels like a miracle to get hired for a reporting job in the midst of… everything. It also feels so important right now, especially as Texas becomes (ill-advisedly) one of the first to try to “reopen.” 

Masks for Kibera

Designer David Avido / Nichole Sobecki for Vogue

“It’s more of a privilege to be born here,” says David Avido, a 24-year-old fashion designer. “If I was born in a posh place, I wouldn’t know myself the way I know myself now.”

I love the photography in this story about a young Kenyan fashion designer making masks for his community.

It’s all about whimsy

EYM fave Dearest newsletter, which traces the trade and history of antique jewelry, had a recent story about tiny Fabergé-made automaton elephants. The delicate elephants were hidden inside the Russian jewelry firm’s signature eggs. One of those eggs has a Houston connection — it’s now in the permanent collection at the Houston Natural History Museum. Click through Dearest’s links to see the guy in action.

Ferry leaves For Galveston

Reddit user messycan

This photo from Reddit of the Bolivar Ferry circa 1960s makes me miss the Gulf. See also: blue dragons on Padre Beach.


I never thought I liked poetry but that’s changed the past year or so, mainly thanks to Matthew Ogle’s daily Pome newsletter. It’s included in this list of a few easy, accessible ways to trick yourself in reading more poetry.

Cleveland Chenier and Lightnin’ Hopkins

Finally, I loved this video of a party in Houston in 1968 where some adorable girls are dancing while Cleveland Chenier and Lightnin’ Hopkins perform in the background.


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