Issue #1: Vote your conscience

I’ve been thinking about starting a newsletter or blog of recommendations for a long time. I’m an extremely brand-loyal person and I tend to evangelize about products I love, from makeup to skincare to podcasts to books. Ever since I first had the idea for this project several years ago, I’ve wanted to call it Eat Your Makeup. I’ve always been a fan of John Waters and just loved that name. This newsletter does not have anything to do with John Waters though, nor will it always be about makeup or skincare. It’s just a weekly list of things I enjoy and want other people to know about too.

Let’s dive in, shall we? Here are the things I’ve been loving lately.

  1. Vote your conscience 🇺🇸
    If you are a US citizen it is likely you will vote tomorrow, if you haven’t already. If you are on the fence about voting for Warren vs someone who you think might be more “winnable,” please read this excellent Twitter thread by Kaitlin Byrd before you go to the polls. The bottom line — trust yourself. 

    “Trusting yourself to vote means thinking about the world you want to see and figuring out who is best enabled to make it happen.”

    (Image by @jackieannruizdraws.)

  2. Embrace imperfection by turning off autocorrect ⁉️
    In October, Katie Wray wrote an article for Vice about how she’d decided to stop using autocorrect. Reader, I have tried it, and it is AMAZING. It is hard to express how liberation this has been, and I actually make fewer mistakes now, because my phone is not correcting “fuck” to “duck” or "y’all” to “fall”. While I was at it, I also turned off auto-capitalization.

    “Somewhere down the line, we lost a little freedom; the freedom to spell badly. The freedom to type “omw” without seeming too enthusiastic. I’m talking about the freedom that came before autocorrect.”

    Go on. Live dangerously. As Wray wrote, “I mean what I said.”

  3. A cuticle cure 💅
    I have chronic dry skin and I’ve struggled for years with keeping my cuticles from cracking and peeling. I started putting Weleda Skin Food on my hands every morning this winter and it’s made a huge difference in the way my nails look. (I even got teased by technicians at the Apple Store when a “moisturize cuticles” reminder popped up on my phone.) Usually, I’ll apply a small dab to each cuticle, gently push them back with my finger, then rub the excess on my elbows. 

    Weleda has a whole Skin Food line — makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes swears by Skin Food Light as a highlighter and facial moisturizer, and my friend Amy recently raved about the new lip butter. 

  4. A case for putting your pronouns in your Twitter profile 🐦 lets you estimate the gender distribution of your Twitter followers and those you follow, based on their profile descriptions or first names.

    “Twitter Analytics doesn't tell me the gender distribution of those I follow, and it doesn't try to identify gender-nonbinary people. So I built this tool for myself and put it on GitHub. It's inaccurate and it undercounts nonbinary folk, but it's better than making no effort at all. I want you to be able to do this, too. Estimate the distribution of those you follow and see if there's room to improve!”

    Here’s mine:

    Based on numbers pulled by a few friends, it seems like women are much more likely to put their pronouns in their Twitter profile . Here’s a case for why you should add yours, even if you think your gender is obvious. C’mon men, do your part.

  5. Fountain pens 🖋
    I think I might have a problem. I bought myself an inexpensive TWBSI Eco fountain pen a few years ago after reading this Quartz Obsession about much better they are for the environment than disposable pens. Since then, TWSBI has come out with a number of limited edition colors, including this gorgeous rose gold and white version. I now have quite the collection. And as a person who likes to write regularly by hand, having a nice (though not too spendy) fountain pen has greatly increased my enjoyment of that practice.

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